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An innovative beamsplitter-based stereoscopic/3D display design

LCDs (AMLCDs) into a stereo image through use of a unique beamsplitter design. This approach, called the StereoMirror™, creates a stereo/3D monitor that retains the full resolution, response time and chromaticity of the component displays.
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Clinical applications for stereoscopic 3-D displays

Stereoscopic 3-D digital imaging holds the promise of improving the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease as well as enhancing the training and preparation of medical professionals through use of stereoscopic 3-D displays in concert with the many volumetric visualization techniques/modalities developed in recent years.
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20 Reasons Why Planar's StereoMirror Offers Superb Stereoscopic Viewing

Compare the StereoMirror to ten other 3D visualization technologies
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Planar's StereoMirror Technology versus Red Rover/True 3Di

Review a comparison of two approaches to 3D visualization.
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Comparing Dual Stacked LCD Stereoscopic Monitors with Planar StereoMirror™

Review a comparison of StereoMirror and stacked-LCD approaches to 3D visualization.
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Case Studies
StereoMirror™ Case Study: AeroTech Mapping, Inc., Aerial Photography Production Process

AeroTech Mapping Inc. is an aerial survey company that handles all aspects of a project including flight plan, flight execution, film processing, scanning, triangulation, compilation, quality control, orthophoto production, and editing.
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StereoMirror™ Case Study: Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc., Aerial Photography Production Process

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. provides airborne acquisition and image processing services for clients throughout North America. Their operation activities range from collection of raw data to high-quality derivative products and custom software applications tailored to specific needs of their customers. They handle all types of data requirements, including digital imagery, magnetometer or film. Keystone has the airborne acquisition capacity to quickly fly a project of any size with great accuracy.
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StereoMirror™ Case Study: Carl Sagan Center at the SETI Institute

The SETI Institute uses a Planar Systems stereoscopic monitor for visualizing topography of our neighbor planet. Stereo pairs of orbital images are acquired from interplanetary spacecraft and displayed on a high-resolution SD2420W stereo monitor using photogrammetry software called Socet Set from BAE Systems.
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StereoMirror™ Case Study: Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT)

The Photogrammetric Mapping Unit in the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) creates base maps used for construction, acquiring right-of-way, and computation of earthwork volumes for new construction, maintenance, or safety updates to Minnesota's Trunk highway system. The Mn/DOT uses stereoscopic displays to create digital terrain elevation models.
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