Planar3D Configuration

How to Configure the StereoMirror to Play 3D Games

Step 1 - Install NVIDIA drivers:

Currently, official NVIDIA drivers do not support the latest games. Beta drivers exist that work well with the Planar mirror, but only with Windows XP. Please go to and download the following drivers:

  1. NVIDIA ForceWare 93.81 x86
  2. NVIDIA ForceWare 93.81 Stereo Driver

Before you install these drivers, make sure to uninstall any other NVIDIA drivers you may have on the system. After the uninstallation has completed, start by installing the ForceWare driver. Once the ForceWare file has been downloaded, install it and reboot the computer. Next, install the Stereo Driver and again reboot the computer.

Once Windows has restarted, open your display properties (either from the ‘Control Panel’ or by Right-clicking on the desktop and selecting ‘Properties’). Select the ‘Settings’ tab then click on the ‘Advanced’ button.

Image showing display properties settings

Select the tab that relates to your video adapter (in this example, it's a Quadro FX 3000).

On the left, select ‘Stereo Properties’. Select the option to ‘Enable’ Stereo and set the stereo type to Planar Left/Right.

Select OK to save your changes.

A graphic may come on the screen for testing the 3D capabilities of your system. This may not look right, but that is ok. Hit the ESC key to exit and answer, when prompted, that everything was OK.

Next set the display to “Clone-Mode” in nView Display Settings. Hit the OK button to exit your display properties and you are done!

Important Notes:

If you are using a mirror flip card, the planar mirror setting will work well. If you do not have a mirror flip card, you will have to use the Dual VGA Output setting as shown below to properly render the graphics. It may also be necessary to use Dual-View mode instead of Clone-Mode.

Image Dual VGA Output setting

In some cases, the NVIDIA drivers require that the game's resolution and the operating system's resolution match perfectly. For example, 4x4Evolution can be run at 1280x960. In the display properties, both displays must be set to match.

Some games do not user higher graphics settings during cinematic events and/or menu screens. This can cause one of the two displays to become garbled. When game play resumes the second display will return to a normal state for 3D stereo display.

If, at anytime, one or both displays seem to be showing garbled graphics or multiple smaller versions of what you expected, enter the game's settings menus and check the resolution settings. As mentioned above, the operating systems settings must match the game's settings.

Stereo separation can be adjusted using ctrl+F3 and ctrl+F4, and convergence can be adjusted using ctrl+F5 and ctrl+F6.