Planar 3D News

Planar 3D News

Here's the latest news and buzz about the StereoMirror. Be sure to subscribe to the Planar3D blog or experience the StereoMirror at an upcoming trade show.

Feb 25, 2009

Planar Introduces Entry-Level Version of StereoMirror™ 3D/Stereoscopic Display

Nov 28, 2007

New Planar Stereoscopic Digital Mammography Display Demonstrated to Reduce False-Positive Breast Cancer Findings by 49 Percent

Jun 2007

Electronic Products: Exploring 3-D display technology

May 29, 2007

Advanced Imaging: Stereopsis: Two Eyes, One 3D Image

Jun 13, 2006

Planar Expands StereoMirror™ Display Line to Offer Advanced Features for Geospatial, Visualization, Simulation and Medical Professionals


Apr 28-May 2, 2008

ASPRS 2008 Annual Conference

Portland, OR, USA
Booth #216

Jul 7-10, 2008


Beijing, China
Booth #521

Sep 29 to Oct 1, 2008

Insight Media’s 3D BizEx conference

Universal City, CA, USA
Table 60T

Oct 27-30, 2008


Nashville, TN, USA

Nov 11-14, 2008


Munich, Germany
Booth #A3-259

May 17-20, 2009

2009 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

Orlando, FL, USA
Booth #432

October 18-21, 2009


San Antonio, TX, USA
Booth #544

Demonstrations in Partner Booths

Apr 28-May, 2008


Portland, Oregon, USA

Partner booths: BAE Systems, Datem Systems International, Leica Geosystems, Inpho, Microsoft

Mar 15-18, 2008

ESRI User Conference

Palm Springs, CA, USA

Partner booths: BAE Systems, Datem Systems International, Leica Geosystems, Groupe Alta, Inpho

Aug 4-8, 2008

ESRI User Conference

San Diego, CA, USA

Partner booths: DAT/EM Systems International, ERDAS and Inpho

Aug 12-14, 2008


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Partner booth: RTT

Aug 17-21, 2008

American Chemical Society meeting

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Partner booths: Tripos and Schrödinger

Oct 7-9, 2008

2008 AGI Users' Conference

Chicago, IL, USA

Partner booth: AGI

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