Planar 3D Technology

Technology Behind Planar 3D

Learn more of the science behind how the StereoMirror works. Compare numerous stereoscopic technologies to find the right one for your application.
Stereoscopic 101

The most powerful source of human depth perception is stereopsis – the response created in the visual system by comparing the views we get from our two eyes.
View more about the basics of Stereoscopic Displays

3D Display Technologies

There are a lot of ways to create a 3D image. Get a quick overview of all the options, from CRT-based, auto stereo and projection to volumetric options such as swept volume and holographic. You need to understand the pros and cons of each approach to find the stereo solution that fits your application.
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There are many reasons to evaluate LCD stereoscopic solutions over traditional CRT-based ones. Review the advantages and disadvantages of each approach as they relate to Planar’s StereoMirror.
View the comparison of LCD vs CRT Displays in use for 3D


All of your questions about Stereoscopic Displays are answered here.


We are assembling of collection whitepapers on beamsplitters and stereoscopic/3D technology.
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