Planar3D Configuration


We want you to have an easy experience configuring the StereoMirror. Download alignment patterns for your model or learn how about PC requirements to optimize your stereoscopic content.
General Configuration

The StereoMirror is powerful but it isn't a challenge to setup. Get an overview of all the key configuration steps including:

  • Recommended computer
  • Recommended graphics card
  • OpenGL stereo software setup
  • Selecting a side monitor
  • Graphics cards for the side monitor
  • Laptop computer
View more about General Configuration

Configuring Stereoscopic Content

Setup stereo pictures using StereoPhotoMaker or learn how to stereo pairs of pictures can be incorporated into Microsoft PowerPoint or other slide show software. You can also use a pair of video sources such as cameras or synchronized video players to feed directly into any of the SD monitors.
View more about Configuring Stereoscopic Content

Alignment Patterns

Download alignment patterns for each SD model in PDF, JPEG and PPT formats. Horizontal span and clone mode alignment patterns are provided.
View more about Alignment Patterns

Playing 3D Games

Instructions for installing NVIDIA drivers for Planar Stereo Displays.
View more about Playing 3D Games—NVIDIA Driver Installation

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