3D Applications

PC Video Gaming Applications

The incredible improvements made to 3D graphics in today’s PC games have added to the realism in a given game. of the environment where you play. But why would you race a car or battle an alien with one eye closed? Use both your eyes and become truly immersed into the game. A stereoscopic view will increase the realism of the avatar and its surroundings. It makes the player feel more engaged to make decisions within the game and identify with the character he or she is responsible for.

Whether you are slaying a mythical beast or learning to fly an F-18, a stereo view helps you to understand the scene and learn how to function within it more quickly and effectively. Being able to feel like you are a part of the simulated environment greatly enhances the entertainment of the game.

And the best part of this is essentially all contemporary video games are fully capable of being played in stereo 3D thanks to the great work from the folks at nVidia. Firmware drivers are available for free that enable the StereoMirror to run World of Warcraft, Need for Speed, Madden NFL, Flight Simulator and any of the thousands of PC games available currently (and in the future). You won’t want to stop!

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